Rakeback Promotions

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We are pleased to offer all of the following exclusive rakeback promotions at RakebackPros. RakebackPros monthly exclusive promotions bring added value to all of our members. Instead of competing with all the players at the poker room, you are only competing against other RakebackPros members in our rake races, rake chases, point races and freeroll tournaments. Simply sign up for a valid account at a participating poker room and you will be automatically be enrolled.

Rake Races ($28,000)

red kings $8,000 Points Race (2x $4,000 Races) Leaderboards Sign Up
betsafe-poker-logo $20,000 Points Race Leaderboards Sign Up

A Rake Race is a competition to generate more rake than other players on a particular online poker site in a given time frame, usually based over a monthly or weekly period. Players are allowed to participate and compete for a pre-determined prize pool. Points are allocated to participants in a rake race depending on the value of the rake from the hands which the player has played.

The objective of a rake race is for players to generate the most rakes within the promotion time. During a rake race you can advance in position if you generate more rake than the other competitors. Therefore, continuous play throughout the whole month is the key to winning the top prize.

Rake Chases ($40,000+)

 party poker The Gold Bars Promo ($20,000+) Leaderboards Sign Up
 bwin-poker The Gold Bars Promo ($20,000+) Leaderboards Sign Up

Rake Chase is a similar promotion to rake race, with the main difference being that players do not race against other players, but rather chase their own individual targets. Both are meant to provide players with extra value, but rake chases can work better for most players as it usually offers multiple targets that players can go for.

In a rake chase, players will be entered into the tiered VIP Point promotion with cash prizes for reaching monthly VIP point targets. The prize levels are broken down into checkpoints with payouts increasing as players pass each one. Players will be awarded a cash prize which corresponds to the highest checkpoint they reach.

Other Promotions

In addition to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in exclusive site-specific promotions, RakebackPros offer players Free Poker Coaching available through industry poker coaching leader Deuces Cracked. Furthermore, in our Refer A Friend program, players can receive up to 5% of their friends MGR. Players can also earn more income from tier 2 referrals (players referred by the original member’s referrals – also known as Indirect Referrals).