Rakeback Existing Account

If you do not know what rakeback is, you should first check out our “What is Rakeback?” page. We have an extended explanation of what rakeback is, how it works, and the benefits of having rakeback. One of the most frequent asked questions that come up regarding rakeback is whether or not it is possible to convert an existing account into a rakeback account. In this article, we will try to answer the most common questions about getting rakeback on an existing account.

Can I get rakeback on an existing account?

Many players who already have an existing account at a poker room are looking to convert their accounts to rakeback in order to receive certain percentage of rake back during real money play. In some cases, it is possible to receive rakeback on your existing poker account, however for this to be possible you must not have signed up at the poker room through another affiliate’s website / link. Playing without rakeback is cutting off your profits and many regular players actually refuse to play at rooms without getting their fair share of rake back.

If you clicked on a banner or joined through a third party review page to the poker room, chances are you are tagged to another affiliate and they do not provide rakeback to their players. If this is the case, then you will most likely not be able to receive rakeback from the site. On the other hand, if you downloaded the poker room software directly from the poker website without using any third party links, then there is chance we might be able to retag your account and provide you rakeback.

Can I just create a new account at the same poker site so I can get rakeback?

Although this may seem like an easy solution, it’s actually a violation of the Terms of Service to create multiple accounts on a poker site. We don’t encourage any players to violate those Terms, and from our knowledge it is highly possible that doing so will result in closure of the new account and possibly a seizure of funds. The reasons for this are many including fraud, cheating, and abuse. Think about it, what is stopping you from creating multiple accounts so you can take advantage of the first deposit bonus each time? If you were allowed to create multiple accounts then it would be smart to create a new account each time you have expired your first deposit bonus since those bonuses are usually the most generous.

Please don’t think you can create a new account and get away with it, because eventually they may find you, and when they do they may ban you from the poker room and close your account. There is no use putting your money in jeopardy of investigation of fraud for creating multiple accounts, because people with multiple accounts are usually doing other bad things that are much more serious than trying to tag their account for rakeback.

Why don’t players automatically get rakeback?

The idea of rakeback was not originally designed by poker sites. Outside entities called affiliates are paid by poker sites to bring new players into their games. Some of these affiliates are on a revenue sharing plan, where they receive a certain percentage of the revenue generated by their referrals. Several years ago, some affiliates had the idea to give back a chunk of their percentage to the players as an incentive for those players to sign up through their links. Hence rakeback was born, and players who signed up through that type of affiliate received this added benefit. Though the system may seem unfair to players who have signed up without rakeback, those players do have the option of taking their business to a competing poker site where they are able to receive the benefits they prefer.

In order to receive rakeback, you must go through a third party affiliate site like ours who offer special signup deals that enable you to receive rakeback. Since signing up for rakeback means getting a certain percentage of their rake back each month, the deal is not heavily advertised by the poker rooms. Therefore, receiving rakeback is an opt-in deal that must be done by players and is not automatically given.

How to make a request to be retagged as a rakeback poker account?

The best way to find out whether you can tag an existing poker account for rakeback is open a free account with us, and then send us a support ticket and ask if we can convert your existing account over to rakeback. Just make the request at the rakeback site you want to be retagged to and hope for the best. Depending on the situations, we may or may not be able to retag your account for rakeback, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. In the support ticket, please clearly state your poker room username and the email address associated with your poker account. These information are important as we need them to match the details with the poker room. Once we have received your information, we will forward your request to the poker room account manager and wait to hear back from them. This process can take up to 3-5 working days to complete, so please be patient with us while we work on it. We will email you with details when we have them.

A poker room will never retag an existing account to RakebackPros or any other affiliate if the poker account is already tracked to another affiliate. If you are already tracking to another affiliate it will normally have occurred as a result of a cookie being placed on your computer, as a result of clicking on a banner or an affiliate link from a third party poker room review page. The affiliate you are already tagged to is almost certainly NOT a rakeback affiliate.

What are Network Skins?

To understand poker network skins, we have to first familiarize ourselves with poker networks. Poker networks are collections of poker sites that share the players, tables and tournaments. Usually, a large poker site starts a poker network and then it allows other poker sites to join their network. Each poker site on the network has its own promotions and sign up bonuses, but they all share the same tables. This way they can share the players they have at the rooms so there is more competition to fill up the tables.

If you are playing on the Winning Poker Network, you might be playing against players from Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, True Poker and several other sites. Each of the poker sites on the network is called a skin. You can have several different accounts on the same poker network as long as each account is at a different skin.

Winning Poker Network Skins

Rank Poker Site US Rating Rakeback Review
1 Americas Cardroom US allowed 4.6/5 27% Visit Site
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2 Black Chip Poker US allowed 4.5/5 27% Visit Site
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3 True Poker US allowed 4.2/5 27% Visit Site
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What do you do if you are already tagged to another affiliate?

Unfortunately, if you find out that you are already being tracked to another affiliate, then we won’t be in a position to tag your account for rakeback. As mentioned previously, a poker room will never retag an existing account to RakebackPros or any other affiliate if the poker account is already tracked to another affiliate. You were probably tracked to this other affiliate by clicking on an advertisement link somewhere before you signed up for the poker account.

If you are unable to get rakeback on an existing account, not all hope is lost. Your best option is to sign up for a new account on another skin on the same poker network. Another skin will have a lot of the same things you like about your current poker room, including the software, player pools and some special promotions.

Winning Poker Network for example, they have multiple poker skins such as Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker and True Poker. All of these poker rooms come with a 27% rakeback offer and 100% up to $1,000 sign up bonus. If you try them all out, you will see that they all run on the same poker software provided by Winning Poker Network. Playing on a different skin on the same poker network will allow you to keep playing at the same tables with the same players you are used to.

Another option will be sign up at a totally separate poker site where you do not yet have an account. Please feel free to check out our Rakeback Offers. There are many large, successful poker sites out there if you want to play with rakeback. Many poker networks have multiple skins where you can sign up for new accounts, just change to a different skin on the same poker network and you won’t have to play without rakeback.