About Us – RakebackPros

Founded in 2005, RakebackPros delivers online poker services within the disciplines of rakeback and signup bonuses. Quickly our services and reputation had earned the trust of many poker players, and we became one of the main rakeback providers in the online poker market. Working in conjunction with all the top poker rooms to increase traffic to their sites, we secure the best rakeback deals for our players.

RakebackPros’ solid track record and proven experience makes us one of the top rakeback providers in the online poker industry. As our success depends upon your success, we work hard to get you up and running. From customer support, rakeback deals and free poker training, RakebackPros offers a comprehensive range of online poker services for all your poker needs.

Our mission is to help our poker players to receive the optimal benefits and highest rakeback from the poker rooms, and sustain the full potential of their poker career. To do so, we work diligently to foster productive customer relationships through strong rakeback offer and signup bonus, with in-depth expertise that aligns with the markets we serve.

Big Rewards Through Our Referral Program

Your recommendation of RakebackPros to other online poker players who are not earning rakeback is invaluable to us. Refer a player to RakebackPros and we will reward you up to 5% of the total rake generated by every new player you refer, for the life of that player. Referred players can also earn money by referring more players to RakebackPros. The referral fees are NEVER taken from the rakeback of either the referrer or the referee.